Park Eun Bin talks to director of ‘An Extraordinary Lawyer’ for new k-drama

Park Eun Bin

On 23 April (South Korean time), it was reported that actress Park Eun Bin was up for a role in the upcoming drama “The B Team”, marking a possible reunion with director Yoo In Sik, of the hit k-drama An Extraordinary Lawyer.

The k-drama “The B Team” revolves around characters with involuntary superpowers, inspired by Stan Lee’s original creations. This ambitious project, which combines Hollywood intellectual property with Korean superhero expertise, has been attracting attention since it was announced six years ago, being seen as the beginning of the Asian superhero narrative.

In the series, Park Eun Bin would be cast as Eun Chae Ni, the granddaughter of a wealthy restaurant owner. Described as intelligent, polite and hard-working, Eun Chae Ni has a unique heart, making her a little immature in her youth. Living on the edge, she dreams of embarking on a journey by train.

park eun bin

Directed by Yoo In Sik, known for his work on the series “Dr Romantic” (SBS), “Fugitive” (SBS) and“An Extraordinary Lawyer” (ENA), “The B Team” aims to repeat the success of their previous collaborations.

The script for “The B Team” will be written by Heo Da Joong, famous for adaptations such as “Extreme Labour”. By joining forces with director Yoo In Sik and screenwriter Kang Eun Kyung, known for her work on the “Dr Romantic” series, the team aims to deliver another captivating narrative.

At the moment, Park Eun Bin is concentrating on filming the new k-drama “Hyper Knife” (working title), a medical crime thriller that shows the confrontation and evolution of two brilliant but erratic individuals.

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